Gwen Stefani Is Moving on From Divorce

As a person who lived though the 90’s and No Doubt, you can’t help but be a fan of Gwen Stefani.  She was the 90’s IT GIRL with her crazy outfits, energy, and –let’s face it, BEAUTY.  Her marriage to Gavin Rossdale of Bush, another 90’s musical phenomenon seemed like a match made in Heaven.  Two decades later and she’s as perfect as ever, but unfortunately the same could not be said of her marriage.  The couple divorced in 2015 and words coming from both camps implied that the original prenup was modified to make the judgment go quicker.  This Valentine’s Day Gwen and Blake Shelton put all the rumors of their romance to rest with a trip to his home in Oklahoma and a PDA filled evening.


It seems that in this case everyone was ready to move on, and unlike the Affleck divorce the pace of the case moved steadily forward without any hitches in the process.  In fact, when you see concessions made to alimony or a change to the prenup as a divorce lawyer you know that behind the scenes a lot of other heavy stuff is going on.  Most-likely, Gwen wanted a quick divorce and was willing to concede to make that happen.

As an Arizona divorce lawyer my job is to do what’s best for the children in any case involving kids, and to make sure my client is happy.  That happiness may mean that they come out of the divorce with less, but exit it quickly.  It may mean a long, protracted divorce.  In Gwen’s case it seems she wanted to put that marriage to bed and move on with a fresh start.  Best wishes to her and I look forward to another album from my 90’s It Girl.