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In family law, the identity of the father is essential for making decisions regarding the child’s support, living arrangements, and access to certain benefits. At Skupin Law Group, PLLC, we have represented numerous cases in which paternity of a child had not been established. These cases are at high risk for conflict, as both parties seek to protect their interests without truly knowing what they are.

Michael Skupin is an accomplished family attorney in Phoenix. He is dedicated to helping families reach resolutions to their complicated and emotional family law matters, including divorce, child support, and custody. He has been practicing law for more than 16 years, and puts his experience to work in order to provide his clients with nothing but the highest quality of legal counsel. He is prepared to help you establish paternity for the sake of reaching an agreeable resolution to your case.

How is paternity established?

In order to establish paternity, there are several different options available. Through the Division of Child Support Enforcement, a case can be opened voluntarily when both individuals want to find out the answer. If one parent wishes to test paternity but the other doesn’t, a hearing can be sought with the Assistant Attorney General’s Office. Additionally, both parties can sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity and file it in court, which solidifies an acknowledged father.

In legal terms, paternity can be defined through various circumstances. Each scenario has different implications for the rights and responsibilities to the child of the man involved.

  • Acknowledged father – the biological father who admits paternity and accepts responsibility to pay child support.
  • Alleged father – the unadmitted biological father who may be required to pay child support if the court proves paternity.
  • Presumed father – A man is married to or attempted to marry the mother at conception or birth of child, or marries the mother after birth and agrees to be named on the birth certificate. A presumed father is responsible for providing support.
  • Equitable father – a man who has a significant bond with a child that is considered to be paternal, encouraged by the biological parent and recognized by the court.
  • Stepfather – a man married to a mother who is not the biological father and is not obligated to provide support unless he adopts the child.

The Importance of Acknowledging Paternity

It can be critical to establish paternity of your children because of the legal responsibility of the father to care for and provide for his children. Additionally, a father has certain rights regarding his child, and a child has certain rights concerning his or her father. Thus, it is in the best interest of the child, mother, and father to establish paternity.

Paternity can affect the following:

  • Child support
  • Social security inheritance
  • Life insurance inheritance
  • Heath insurance benefits
  • Disability insurance benefits
  • Visitation rights
  • Custody rights
  • Decision-making rights
  • Taxes

If you are looking to establish paternity to either enforce your rights as a father or seek support from the lawful father, our Phoenix family law lawyer can provide you with the legal tools to do so.

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