Modifying Divorce Terms in Arizona

Modifying Support and Custody Arrangements

Divorce is a messy, emotional, and time consuming battle that does not always end when it’s initially granted. Over time, financial, medical, and geographical situations change and the terms that were set at the closing of a divorce may no longer be relevant. This might require a return to court to make appropriate modifications and, as throughout the divorce itself, it is important to have a Phoenix divorce lawyer from Skupin Law Group, PLLC by your side to ensure that your interests and needs are protected.

Terms of a divorce that may require modification include:

There are many reasons why modifications may be necessary down the road. Life is not stagnant; as it changes, the realistic ability to adhere to agreements of finances, visitations, and authority may change as well. Additionally, the needs of one parent may require new terms to be set in order to accommodate medical, physical, or financial conditions. Modifications can either be temporary—whereby an emergency or provisional situation does not require long-term change—or permanent.

How do you get a court order modification?

The court will need to be petitioned in order for the modification to be considered. In cases when the modification is mutually desired, both parents will present changes to the court along with a statement of their agreement. This can make it substantially easier to get a modification, but does not mean a modification cannot be sought by couples who don’t agree.

Either side can seek modification to change terms of custody or support, but it will require court governance that can be time-consuming and stressful. Thus, it is essential to retain the representation of a Phoenix family law attorney at our firm who can assist in simplifying this process while advocating for your needs. The court will look at both sides when considering the change.

Before a modification is sought, a change needs to take place. The court will need to see that some significant difference has taken place since the original terms of the divorce were set otherwise they may not see the reason for the modification to be granted. If the court is convinced that the change in circumstances is substantial enough then they may allow for the change.

The following are examples of circumstances that might justify temporary or permanent modification to custody terms:

  • If one spouse needs to relocate for his or her job
  • If medical emergencies arise for the child or parent
  • If permanent medical conditions arise for the child or parent
  • If the income of one or both parents changes due to job loss

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Fast, flexible way to make changes to divorce terms

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