Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer

Are you a victim of domestic abuse in Phoenix?

Most divorce cases are difficult and emotionally demanding enough on their own. When a divorce is supplemented by allegations of domestic violence, the gravity is heightened and certain necessities become immediate. We at Skupin Law Group, PLLC understand the severity of domestic violence in divorce cases and want to provide you and your children with the tools and resources you need to get out of a dangerous situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our Phoenix family law lawyer, Michael Skupin, understands the acutely emotional nature of domestic abuse cases, and has the compassion, timeliness, and aggressiveness you need to feel confident that you and your children can have the best chance at a brighter future. With 16 years of experience practicing family law, you can trust Attorney Skupin to provide nothing but the highest quality of legal counsel for your case.

What is domestic violence?

According to Arizona Law, domestic violence is a dangerous crime that a family or household member commits against another resident of the household. The offender does not have to currently live with the victim to be charged with domestic violence, but may have resided with the individual at any time in the past.

Examples of “dangerous crime” may include:

  • Assault
  • Harassment
  • Stalking

Steps You Need to Take

Divorce cases involving domestic abuse are unique in that certain aspects of the process that typically take time to resolve must be handled immediately. As much danger as you are in while living with a violent spouse, you and your children could be in even more danger when you choose to leave. Our team of legal professionals at Skupin Law Group, PLLC wants to help you understand the steps you can take to ensure your safety and protection.

Take the following precautions when leaving an abusive spouse:

  • Keep records of the abuse – document any and all instances of violence to keep as references to provide to a judge.
  • Find a safe place to stay – arrange a place for you and your children to be while you finalize your divorce, ideally somewhere your spouse would not predict.
  • Petition for emergency custody – if you remove your children from the home without legal approval from the court, you could be guilty of kidnapping.
  • File an Order of Protection – legally prohibit your spouse from making any kind of contact with you and your children.

Let Us Help Protect You

The team of professionals at Skupin Law Group, PLLC has committed themselves to caring for victims of domestic violence and guiding them through the divorce process smoothly. We understand that your safety is at stake, and are ready to help you and your children find relief through legal protection.

If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, we want to provide you with the legal tools and resources you need to move on with your life. We will diligently work with you to form a personalized solution for your case. Skupin Law Group, PLLC offers a cost-effective payment plan so that our clients don’t have to worry about unbearable legal fees. Call now to get started.

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