Divorce Without Children in Arizona

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If you and your spouse do not have a “covenant” marriage and both wish to file for divorce, you must follow a certain paperwork. Should you not have any minor children, the wife is not pregnant, nor will she become pregnant before the divorce is final, you will file for divorce without children.

By following this process, you must also fulfill the following:

  • You have to agree the marriage is broken and irretrievable
  • Both spouses have agreed to petition for divorce
  • Both you and your spouse have resided in Arizona for at least 90 days, or one of you is a member of the Armed Forces and has been stationed in Arizona at least 90 days prior to filing the petition
  • Either you have attempted to resolve your marital issues in Conciliation Court or there is some other issue that would make resolution impossible

While it may be somewhat more of a simple procedure than pursuing dissolution of marriage with children involved, there are still issues to be discussed. By working with a Phoenix divorce lawyer, you can strive to come to an agreement on spousal support, property division and more.

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