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Compassionate Legal Counsel for Mediation

Are you a good candidate for mediation in Phoenix? For couples pursuing a divorce or “dissolution of marriage,” it can be a stressful time that can affect their ability cooperate and make important decisions. Many spouses find it difficult to split up belongings, time with their children, and money between the two of them. Due to the fact that emotions are high and there is often an inability to agree on aspects of a divorce, a third party mediator can be highly beneficial.

At Skupin Law Group, PLLC, we want to help you understand your options for seeking mediation and can also be available to represent you during the proceeding. Our Phoenix divorce attorney, Michael Skupin, has been passionately practicing family law for more than 16 years and understands the unique balance between delicacy and aggression that a divorce process requires. He has made it his mission to provide high-quality legal counsel to couples who wish to make agreements without court interference through mediation.

What is involved in a mediation process?

If you and your spouse desire to come to an agreement, but are having a hard time working through it, pursuing divorce mediation may be the right choice. During mediation, a divorce settlement agreement can be written up to designate the following:

While it is unnecessary, having another attorney present to walk you through the process and ensure that your interests are being protected can make all the difference in reaching an agreeable resolution.

Benefits of Mediation

When a contested divorce goes to court, the final decision-making authority belongs to the judge overseeing your trial. While this is sometimes necessary, due to a complete unwillingness to cooperate between divorcing couples, it can be disadvantageous in that they rescind their power over their own assets. If you and your spouse are willing to compromise and find agreements that work for both of you, mediation may be in your best interest.

In mediation, a third-party, unbiased individual creates a neutral space for the two spouses to work out their decisions. The mediator is not there to dictate or to assert authority, but to act as a moderator and encourage open communication between you and your spouse. The mediator will write a suggested agreement, but it is not legally binding. This allows a divorcing couple to have the final say in whether or not the resolution reached is fair and in the best interest of both parties.

Let Us Protect Your Interests

The team of Phoenix family law attorneys at Skupin Law Group, PLLC is well-aware of the anxiety and pressure divorce issues can present. We also recognize that divorce mediation can greatly alleviate some of that immense strain you may be experiencing. Our firm is highly qualified in the area of mediation, and is more than willing to work with you to create a plan that is suitable for you, your spouse, and your children. Weekend appointments are available if needed, and we always aim to return calls quickly so you can receive high level service.

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