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Filing for a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences a family can undergo, since so much is at stake and emotions are running high. This is why so many couples struggle to come to an agreement about important decisions. In these cases, a couple must file a contested divorce, which can be a lengthier and more complicated process.

At Skupin Law Group, PLLC, we understand the difficulties of negotiating an agreement, and are committed to providing the legal guidance necessary for expediting and simplifying a contested divorce. With more than a decade of family law experience, our Phoenix divorce lawyer is well-equipped to handle your case from start to finish.

Issues that Must Be Resolved in a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce simply means that the two parties are not in agreement regarding all terms of the divorce, and that one or several issues will need to be resolved in family court.

The terms of divorce that must be agreed upon include:

When a couple is unable to cooperate and reach a settlement on any one of the aforementioned matters, it becomes a contested divorce that requires intervention from the court. This involves many steps that an uncontested divorce would not — namely that the case will go to trial.

The Steps Involved in a Contested Divorce

  • File a petition with the courts, and your attorney will serve the papers to your spouse. Your spouse is required to respond within 30 days, or you may be able to obtain a default divorce.
  • Obtain information from your spouse regarding all marital assets and other pertinent aspects through a detailed interrogative discovery period.
  • Try to settle before the court date to reach an agreement on all terms. Often, mediation may be advisable to attempt to open channels of communication and negotiation to avoid trial.
  • Go to trial so that both parties can provide available witnesses and present their interests to the court. A judge will make an ultimate decision and final order regarding the terms of divorce.
  • File a motion or appeal if you feel that your interests were neglected by the final order. You typically have 30 days to file a motion and an additional 30 days to file an appeal.

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Contested divorce proceedings are known to be vicious and draining. However, as difficult and emotional as contested divorces can be, they are not impossible to resolve. Your chances of reaching a favorable outcome can be strongly enhanced by the kind of attorney you choose to represent you.

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