Masika Kalysha Plans On Asking for Child Support from Fetty Wap

Love & Hip Hop actress, Masika Kalysha appeared to be making moves recently to ask a court to get involved in her paternity discussions with rapper Fetty Wap.  The social media war on Twitter between the two former lovers is acrimonious to say the least so it appears that Fetty Wap may be in for a battle.  Sources say that she has filed with the court and will be asking for a paternity test.  Now, as an Arizona child support lawyer, I see this all the time.   A couple will be together briefly and a child is conceived where the male partner is less than enthusiastic and will entrench on that position making it impossible to do anything but get the courts involved.


The recent social media “beef” has really caught the attention of fans on both sides and their reaction (probably more than the threat of court) has moved Fetty to apologize for calling her a “bitch” on Twitter.  According to TMZ, he has also said that he wished the baby well and hopes everything will be resolved in the child’s best interests.

Not everyone is ready for an unexpected pregnancy, and sometimes it shows.  Men and women who have engaged in casual sex don’t always mean for an un-casual relationship to form as a result, and can act in ways that are out of character and sometimes even mean.  I try not to judge the actions of people who are thrust into a situation they were unprepared for.  My job as an Arizona custody lawyer is to help, and I do that by securing the best interests of the child.  Many father who resist paternity tests will often later be glad that they were performed as they grow to love their child.  In the case of Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap, things look to be settling down already and I wish them the best.