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At Skupin Law Group, PLLC, we believe that every child deserves the care and involvement of both parents, whether or not they are married. If you are a single parent struggling to make ends meet without the support of the other parent, we want to help you negotiate an agreement that best serves the interests of you and your child. Attorney Michael Skupin has been passionately representing family law matters for more than 16 years and is ready to help you.

While judges prefer to award joint child custody arrangements, sole custody is sometimes necessary. In these cases, the parent with primary custody (the custodial parent), may need financial assistance in order to afford living expenses. The law recognizes that both parents have equal responsibility to provide for their children; thus, non-custodial parents are generally required to pay child support.

To determine an agreement, the courts evaluate the following:

  • Financial needs of the child
  • Financial resources of the custodial parent
  • Physical and emotional condition of the child
  • How much daycare costs and who pays for it
  • Child’s educational needs
  • How old the child is
  • How much income the two parents make combined
  • Medical support plan for the child
  • Standard of living the child enjoyed before a divorce

The courts will also look at the non-custodial parent’s ability to pay child support and the duration of parenting time left in the parent-child relationship. The standards for child support are outlined in the Arizona Family Laws ยง25-320. This list of statutes indicates that paying spouses who fail to keep up on child support installments can be arrested. If you are not receiving the child support that you were awarded in court, then a lawyer from our firm will help you take action to enforce the order.

How long must child support be paid?

According to Arizona law, parents are obligated to pay child support until the children reach the age of 18. However, if the child is still attending high school full time, then support must be paid until they turn 19. In cases where the child is mentally or physically handicapped and they are unable to support themselves, the obligation to pay support could be indefinite. Every case is unique, so be sure to speak with a Phoenix child support lawyer for answers.

How are child support payments made?

Typically, a paying parent’s employer is directed by the court to take the child support payments directly out of their paycheck. The money is sent to the court and re-directed to the custodial parent. The court keeps tabs on the exact amount of child support and date it is paid.

Child Support Modifications

Are you looking to alter your existing child support order? This type of adjustment can only be made through the court. A modification cannot be agreed upon by the two parties without getting final approval from the court. Under certain circumstances, the court will agree to modify the terms of the child support agreement by lowering or increasing the payment amount. They can also adjust the length of time that the payments must be made.

For example, if there are two children under the child support order and one has turned 19 (or the age of majority), the support amount can be adjust to only reflect one child. However, in most cases, the parents must have experienced a change in occupation, a change in healthcare costs, an increase in child expenses or an increase or decrease in income in order for the modification to be seen as justifiable.

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