Maricopa County Accountability Court

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Providing for children is a vital role that parents play in the lives of their children, even after going through a divorce. It is for this reason that Maricopa County enforces parents to pay child support as previously determined by the court in the divorce agreement. When this does not occur, the parent is not only neglecting the spouse with custody of the children, but they are also neglecting to help their child as well.

For this reason, the parent to whom the child support is due may request to take the parent to Accountability Court to enforce payments. It is important to realize that the parent must have been noncompliant with the support for an extended period of time with a minimum of $20,000 owed in child support arrears in order to be requested for Accountability Court.

Common Questions Regarding Accountability Court

Why go to Accountability Court in Arizona?

If you are facing a family dispute, the Arizona Accountability Court is a good place to go to help you resolve the problem at hand. The most common reason for going to this court is if someone is found to be in contempt of court from a previous family court order and the issue needs to be resolved. If your former spouse is refusing or is unable to pay the mandatory child support or spousal support maintenance payments then you may want to consider taking the matter to Arizona Accountability Court so that something can be worked out.

What will happen if I go to Accountability Court?

When you visit this court they will want to hear the stories from both sides and give each party a chance to voice their concerns. If someone is behind in support payments, then they will be given a chance to come up with a payment plan. If that individual fails to follow the proposed payment plan and does not pay back the arrears, then they could face jail time. The parties must be sure to follow the procedures of the Accountability Court and they must continue to attend proceedings periodically until the total amount of past due support has been paid.

Should I hire an attorney for Accountability Court?

Since the field of family law is so complex, having a lawyer present with you in the courtroom can significantly improve your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. In Accountability Court you are expected to follow the civil court rules regarding evidence and procedure, which your attorney will be well-versed in. It is always in your best interest to have an experienced legal advocate on your side when facing serious family law matters.

Accountability Court Process in Phoenix, AZ

Need a lawyer for accountability court in Phoenix? Once the parent is ordered into Accountability Court, they will be required to appear before the judge on a monthly basis in order for the court to enforce that these payments are regularly made. This means that not only will the parent be required to make their court scheduled payments, but also the amount designated by the court for their arrears.

In the event that they fail to meet these standards even by one month, the Maricopa County Sherriff will handcuff the parent and place them in jail until the payments are made. The process of Accountability Court is very specific, and when a parent fails to comply with the requirements designated by the judge, they will be forced to suffer the consequences and the judge will hear no excuses.

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